Malignaggi’s Reaction To Mayweather vs Tenshin Was Classic

Conor McGregor Friend Artem Lobov Might Make Malignaggi Think Twice

Paulie Malignaggi is back in the spot light this week after his renewed social media war with Conor McGregor.

The retired former world champion boxer is now one of the top commentators in the sport today and is never shy to give his opinion on the popular current topics and affairs debates in boxing.

None more so topical than perhaps the recent Floyd Mayweather boxing exhibition in Tokyo, Japan where Mayweather knocked out a far smaller and outclassed 20 year old kick boxer in the very first round for a reported $9 million.

Speaking to a group of reporters on the fight this week Malignaggi had the following to say:

“It was almost like an appearance fee but he got to beat somebody up for it! It was more real than I thought it was. I saw a ring, eight ounce gloves. I thought it was going to be a gym full of millionaires (watching an exhibition).”

He added:

“This was like an exhibition like Drago and Apollo bro! Floyd went out to take his head off! Tenshin was trying too but he was just too small. I don’t think it was fake — it was just set up for Floyd to have the advantage.”

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