George Foreman Reveals Who He Believes Is The Best Boxer Of All Time

George Foreman Reveals What He Earned For His Very First Pro Fight

Pound for pound best fighter of all time debates are always difficult.

Matching fighters from different eras is always going to be tricky due to the sheer amount of things one must consider before even attempting to do so.

Competition at the time, strength of the era they competed in, style of fighters in different eras, difference in weight categories as the sport evolved, athletes getting bigger, stronger and smarter.

That’s just to name a few variables straight off the bat.

Many put the likes of Muhammad Ali and ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson near the top but for former heavyweight champion of the world (who shared the ring with Ali) one man stands out above the rest:

Not many are going to argue with big George (at least to his face).

One of the hardest hitting punchers that ever walked the face of the Earth.