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Exclusive: A Day In The Life Of Manny Pacquiao

LOS ANGELES — Ring legend Manny Pacquiao is 40.

His upcoming January 19 date against Adrian Broner is pro fight No. 70. 

a day in the life of manny pacquiao

But the way he swings his fists and moves his feet reflects that image of an elite athlete who succeeded in what many others before him had failed  — find the fountain of youth.

Media Day for the Pacquiao-Broner pay-per-view event was fashionably late, a little over an hour after the designated 2 pm (Pacific Time) start.

But the throng of reports who waited outside the Wild Card gym didn’t mind the interval, especially on a mildly chilly Wednesday afternoon.

Patience, indeed, is a virtue. 

a day in the life of manny pacquiao

As soon as the doors of Freddie Roach’s sweat shop flung open, Pacquiao spoke to every microphone, smiled at every camera and declared himself ready to defend his WBA welterweight belt against the brash American.

As a sitting Senator in the Philippines, he was asked about his political agenda, specifically his rumored sights on his country’s hihgest office — the presidency.

Manny (60-7-2, 39 KOs) replied that he will never turn his back on public service and that he will “fulfil” whatever path God lays down for him.

But for now Pacquiao doesn’t event want to be PTA president. He just wants to the good old Pacman and he is eager to gobble up Broner.

After a long day at the office, Pacquiao, a thick entourage of bodyguards and pals in tow, retreated to the shelter of his massive home where a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz sat quietly on the driveway.

a day in the life of manny pacquiao

A few bites of healthy fare represented dinner.

He got massaged by a willing aide and sat comfortably in the den couch as he watched a couple of NBA games.

A thick wad of Benjamins lay innocently on the table and he passed $100 bills to members of Team Pacquiao.

When Boxing News and Views left the scene, the Lakers were beginning to pull away from the Detroit Pistons.

This writer interrupted Manny’s viewing pleasure with a short chat and autographs for some of our mutual friends.

His day started with a run at Dante’s peak, a task he made easy while others with him discovered their lungs on fire.

After breakfast and a long nap, he headed to the gym to face reporters and satisfy his promotional obligations. 

Just another day in the life of Manny Pacquiao.

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