Lennox Lewis Warns Deontay Wilder About Pitfalls Of Straying From His Craft

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis knows exactly what it takes to not only win a heavyweight championship and unify it, which is tough enough in itself.

But, he also knows about coming back from defeat and the many distractions that come with navigating your way to the top in the cut throat world of professional boxing.

Lewis like many world champion boxers before him did some movie cameos, appearances, speaking arrangements, television commercials and the like during his career.

All of which are fine predicated on a fighter knowing the balancing act that needs to be played between these outside distractions and staying focused on what after-all is a very, very short career as a prize fighter.

There’s plenty of time for the above when a boxer retires.

Deontay Wilder posted the following on social media regarding his latest exploits in the acting world:

Lewis while complimentary was keen to caution him not out of negativity, but just purely from his own experience: