Broner Moves Camp To Barry’s Boxing Gym In Vegas Ahead Of Pacquiao Fight

Broner Moves Camp To Barry's Boxing Gym In Vegas Ahead Of Pacquiao Fight

‘AB’ (About Billions) also known as Adrien Broner is now in the final stretch of his training camp ahead of the biggest fight of his life on January 19th when he faces Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas live on Showtime pay per view.

It will mark the four-weight world champion’s first time on pay per view and clearly he’s not taking the opportunity lightly as his recent trim physique shows.

He managed to lose the weight that many doubted he would over the holiday period and should be, like Pacquiao, in optimal condition come fight night next week.

Despite the bluster and bravado and mishaps outside the ring in the past, a motivated Adrien Broner who is enjoying his boxing is a handful for anybody and still a huge talent in the sport.

It would be naive for anyone to think otherwise.

You don’t become a four-weight world champion by accident, in fairness.

It’s up to him how far he wants to go and if he were to put on a strong performance against one of modern day boxing’s greats on January 19th it would give him some much needed momentum once again.

As well as a possible WBA title to his name.

Ahead of the fight he’s now landed in Las Vegas to get acclimatised to where he’s ultimately going to be boxing in a little over one week’s time.

He’s been training at the much loved and respected American boxing trainer Pat Barry’s Boxing Gym just off the strip in the fight capital of the world — Las Vegas: