A potential showdown between the two bitter rivals could be set to take place later this year according to early reports in 2019.

Some reports coming out of the new year combat sports world suggest that some light negotiations and early talks to bring about a potential match between the two are ongoing.

Obviously McGregor is a UFC athlete at this time but the MMA star’s boss Dana White is also getting into the boxing world this year.

In fact, he recently signed his first boxing deal with a boxing promoter in the form of Roy Jones who will be putting on a number of boxing cards live on UFC Fight Pass over the coming three years.

Who’s to say White won’t think about putting on a McGregor vs Malignaggi fight on the popular platform to not only continue to grow it but to kick start his new venture into boxing overall?

Going off the recent Floyd Mayweather boxing exhibition in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve just gone, anything can happen really in boxing these days and these reports are not surprising at all.

A Malignaggi vs McGregor boxing match offers a bit of intrigue too in that granted, Paulie is retired and a commentator these days but he was still a world champion boxer who if he got into any bit of shape should in the eyes of a lot of boxing fans have too much skill for a novice pro (0-1) like McGregor.

A man who’s only venture into the sport of boxing came by stoppage defeat back in 2017 to Floyd Mayweather after all.

The rivalry with Malignaggi was famously born out of the preparation of that fight at the time with the two sparring partners falling out and going on a social media tirade against one another in what became one of the main story lines going into Mayweather vs McGregor:

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