Boxer Amir Khan has been a man in the news since 2019 rolled around after been linked with fights against both Terence Crawford and Kell Brook.

Reports last week suggested that a fight with Crawford is what Khan has now decided to do — with the chance of the fight happening in the US on ESPN pay per view on April 20th being reported so far.

This has not been confirmed just yet however.

It’s also important to note that neither Kell Brook or Terence Crawford have made a comment either at this time.

In boxing, deal’s can be made and fall apart right at the very last minute.

Don’t be fooled, everything could still be on the table just yet.

Khan has now finally posted the following on social media which has gotten quite the bit of engagement thus far:

Expect news to finally come on who Amir Khan will be fighting next most likely in the next two weeks or so.