World Exclusive: Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 Targeted For July 2019

Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 Targeted For July 2019

LOS ANGELES — When there is smoke there is fire.

But when it comes to Pacquiao vs Mayweather 2, this dance appears like a lit wick, ready to explode.

Against the backdrop of the Filipino-Heritage Night celebration at the L.A-Clippers-Charlotte Hornets game at Staples Center, the two iconic fighters met at court-side and played nice, sparking rumors of an anticipated rematch.

The significance of their recent encounter is telling.

Prior to their first bout last May 2015 they also met an an NBA game in Miami where many thought the historic bout was sealed.

Fast forward January 8, 2019 and the pieces are slowly beginning to fall into place. 

Pacquiao was a guest of honor in the Clippers event in which he was joined by some 15,275 of his closest allies in Los Angeles, home to many of his countrymen who have left the Philippines in search of the proverbial greener pastures. 

During a first-quarter timeout, Pacquiao, a sitting Senator in the Philippines and boxing’s only eight-division champion, threw giveaway t-shirts to the crowd showing the might of his left hand:

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The question is, will he be able to get another opportunity to lay his vicious hands on Mayweather?

Manny is ready to go and fight. Anyone. Anytime.

Is Mayweather ready?

As always, Pretty Boy has chosen to deflect those questions with the same artfulness he dodges enemy fire from in the the squared jungle.

But an unimpeachable source told Boxing News and Views that Mayweather-Pacquiao 2 is a giant possibility this July 2019.

Stay tuned.

Photo caption: Manny Pacquiao meets Pretty Boy Mayweather at a Clippers game and throws t-shirts for fans (credit Clippers Media). Other photos show Boxing News and Views U.S. editor Homer Sayson and PhilBoxing writer Anthony Rozic having a private moment with the Filipino senator.