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Bob Arum Throws Shade At DAZN and Showtime

Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank has never been shy to give his opinion over the years and he’s not about to start now as he approaches his 88th birthday this year.

His longevity in the sport is incredible to be fair.

No other promoter has stayed at the very top of the sport for that long in boxing history.

He’s outlast everyone in that regard.

His promotion Top Rank signed a huge deal with ESPN last year to have fights shown on the world leader for sports coverage amid an outstanding year for boxing in this regard also being shown on big and new platforms like DAZN, Fox and Showtime in the US.

HBO left boxing last year after a long and successful 45 year run and out of the competitors left for Arum and Haymon he doesn’t think DAZN have made the right move or that Showtime will last in boxing.

Speaking on Milky Way Sports Arum said:

“I think (2019) it’s going to be a very, very good (boxing boxing) but I think thought that DAZN is making really good moves particularly 

in what they are doing but at least they will be putting on fights.”

He added:

“Yes (Showtime will follow HBO out of boxing)! People will say how can you say that? Espinoza is shooting his mouth out. Well he’s shooting his mouth off I give him credit but He’s truing to save a sinking ship but boxing doesn’t belong on Showtime! Fox, yeah because there’s advertising and so forth, but it doesn’t belong Showtime! What the hell is it doing on Showtime?”

The streaming and pay per view arms race is well and truly on in boxing in 2019.