A highly controversial piece of footage has emerged allegedly of heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua being driven around in a golf cart by what appears to be Orangutans dressed as girls.

Joshua is understood to be on vacation at the moment in the Middle East and was recently in Dubai.

The following footage however on Twitter does not say where he is at the moment but it has certainly gotten the boxing world talking:

The alleged footage has sparked huge debate online already in what likely will blow into a massive story in the coming days.

From a boxing standpoint Joshua is currently in negotiations for his next fight where the leading contenders to take him on are understood to be Dillian Whyte and Jarrell Miller.

If Miller is to be his next fight there is some concern that the previously booked April 13th date for Wembley stadium in the UK could get scrapped and that Joshua would instead in that scenario potentially box in the US.

Expect news in the coming weeks.