Controversial UK boxer Ohara Davies has come in for some flack on social media in the past but he’s made a very solid point about his fellow British boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr takes on James DeGale next month on ITV pay per view as part of the new deal struck with Al Haymon and ITV.

The press conference announced the fight this week and say what you want about Eubank Jr as a person, it takes a very brave person to get in the ring in the first place and everyone who does deserves respect.

Davies has posted the following on Twitter:

“Is Eubank Jnr a bum like you all say? He lost a close fight with BJS and lost on points to Groves both who are world Champions, made millions and lives a good life, instead of bad-mouthing the guy I would like to see some you guys get off your 20 stone backside and do the same.”

He’s received a huge amount (over 1100 at the time of this article) of Twitter likes for the above.

All in all, Eubank Jr has not done too badly at all in comparison to most in life.

As for his next fight with DeGale, time will tell how he does with just under seven weeks to go already.