Exclusive: Manny Pacquiao To Attend Clippers Filipino Night

Manny Pacquiao To Attend Clippers Filipino Night

LOS ANGELES —¬†Manny Pacquiao skipped his usual morning run on Friday, a rarity considering how boxing’s only eight-division champion has religiously trained for his next fight that he even ran and sparred on Christmas Day as well as New Year’s Day.

The official word from Pacquiao’s camp is that he is resting and didn’t want run the risk of over training.

While no word is out yet on whether the sitting Senator from the Philippines will resume his run tomorrow, this one we know for sure: He is attending the Los Angeles Clippers game against the Charlotte Hornets on January 8 when Filipino Heritage Night will be celebrated at Staples Center.

The guest of honor, Pacquiao will be joined by another prominent Filipino — Apl De Ap of the Black-Eyed Peas who will perform the halftime show.

Even at the height of the Holidays — Christmas and New Years Day — Manny Pacquiao went hard on training, showing his seriousness as he prepares for Adrien Broner on January 19th.

Filipino Heritage Night is an annual event the Clippers host in homage to its huge Filipino fan base.

Other teams in the NBA also host Filipino Night in their respective arenas during the course of the season.