Manny Pacquiao fights once again in the glamorous Las Vegas later this month when he takes on Adrien Broner on January 19th at the MGM but the trials and tribulations to get where he is today are never too far from the frontal lobe of his brain.

And how could they be in fairness.

Poverty often is the motivating force behind many successful fighters in their careers in terms of wanting to never go back there.

Pacquiao was perhaps the poorest out of any fighter to ever reach the top in the ruthless professional boxing business and has never forgotten where he came from.

This video on Facebook that is going viral at the moment shows you precisely the length of this poverty and what he had to overcome:

A truly remarkable story when summed up in the above form like that.

Pacquiao not only is now boxing’s only eight-division world champion but a Senator in his home country as well as an international humanitarian for various charitable causes.

As for his boxing career, he isn’t finished just yet and could have a few big fights left as things stand this year and possibly even into 2020 at this stage.