Perhaps one of the most popular viral boxing videos in recent years was shot by UCN Live who once asked former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson his thoughts about retired boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson at the time called him a ‘very small scared man’ who in his view was afraid to bring his own kids to school.

Here’s the famous video:

Manny Pacquiao has certainly never been a man who has stayed away or shielded himself from the fans.

As this video aptly named by Villainfy Media YouTube conveys he has done what Mike Tyson says in the above video about Mayweather:

Talks of a possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao rematch continue but as of yet nothing solid has been confirmed.

Pacquiao vs Adrien Broner next up on January 19th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada live on Showtime.

Mayweather won a first round boxing exhibition this past weekend on New Year’s Eve via a first round TKO in Tokyo.

Following the bout Mayweather confirmed he is still retired but many think a Pacquiao rematch is likely later in the year if PacMan defeats Broner next up.