Some disappointing news appears to be filtering out in recent days that attempts to make a possible world heavyweight unification fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder have not born any fruit.

It doesn’t look like the fight will happen next for either man but that’s not to say we won’t see it by the end of 2019 depending on fight results.

One man who’s been involved in the negotiations is of course Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn who’s company and son Eddie promotes Joshua.

Speaking today on Love Sport Radio in the UK Hearn senior took a subtle jab at Wilder:

“I still believe that Anthony Joshua is head and shoulders the number one heavyweight in the world. I think he’s the only credible world champion out there. We’re not looking to make a few quid quickly. We’re looking to build a legacy. Now, I could be totally wrong and the moment he gets beat I’ll hold my hands up but he hasn’t been beat has he?”

He added:

“Twenty two fights, six world title defences. It’s unbelievable in the history of heavyweight boxing six world title defences already in only twenty two fights (Joshua has had)? Deontay Wilder has had over forty fights and probably only one or two proper ones!”

The most likely scenario at this time for both men next up is Joshua taking on Dilian Whyte in a rematch and Wilder taking on Tyson Fury in a rematch.

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