Although Mayweather’s exhibition bout yesterday in Japan wasn’t a pro fight and ended before it even started in the first round — every man and his dog seemingly has an opinion about it today on social media.

That’s the art and the craft of Mayweather, though.

He knows how to get people talking and attract the mass market to boxing in a way that very few ever have done in the past.

There’s been plenty of jokes flying around today about what could be next like will he even box golfer Tiger Woods in an ‘exhibition’ this year?

Nothing would surprise us anymore.

But in purely boxing terms, Hall of Fame promoter and all round boxing nut and businessman Bob Arum of Top Rank has called it for what it was to TMZ YouTube (hat tip):

You have to enjoy his use of the word ‘jerks’ there. Superb stuff as always from the 89 year old.

A lot has been made about the whole theory that Mayweather has blown through a lot of his millions earned from boxing in gambling and his spending habits over the years.

The bottom line is though is that nobody knows that other than Mayweather and his team.

If he really needed the money, technically he’d still be boxing professionally when you think about it.

As he’d make a lot more that way than he did for yesterday’s exhibition against Tenshin.