Mayweather Makes Brash Claim Ahead Of Tenshin Nasukwa Boxing Bout

Mayweather Makes Brash Claim Ahead Of Tenshin Nasukwa Boxing Bout

Tomorrow in Tokyo, Japan will see American boxer Floyd Mayweather compete in a three round ‘boxing exhibition’ against the much younger (and smaller) kickboxing world champion Tenshin Nasukwa under Japanese promotion Rizin.

Tenshin has looked like he’s been taking things deadly serious in his training footage in recent days but Mayweather upon arrival in Japan yesterday looked tired, disinterested and overall — not worried about anything really.

All we really know about tomorrow is that it will be three rounds of boxing rules at 147lbs with Kenny Bayless referee things — and that the result won’t go on either fighter’s professional record.

Also there is penalties if the rules of boxing are broken and Tenshin tries any kickboxing or MMA moves.

Speaking to the world media Mayweather said:

“I’m pretty sure he is taking this fight extremely serious. I know he’s probably working hard in the gym. Just another day (for me) — I don’t have to work hard in the gym for three rounds. I can basically do three rounds in my sleep. That’s how I feel.”

On the boxing gloves being used potentially being the lightest of his career, he added:

“Six ounce or eight ounces it doesn’t matter. If my hands can go in six ounce gloves lets make it happen.”

Six ounces would almost be a cross between what they call ‘punchers gloves’ (eight ounces) in boxing and MMA gloves used in the UFC (four ounces).

Mayweather has been known to have very delicate and brittle hands over the years mind you, so I can’t see him wearing six ounce gloves for the fear of injuring his hands ahead of a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao next year.

No one really knows what’s going to go down tomorrow in reality.

No details for those in the US have been made available just yet either in terms of how to watch the ‘fight’.

One suspects it will just be a purely entertainment spectacle of some sort with very little intent to hurt one another on show.