Eddie Hearn Reveals What Happened In Backstage Whyte-Chisora Weigh-In Scuffle

A short time ago some sort of altercation involving the fighters and multiple team members took place and it was quickly contained by members of security to be fair.

Whyte could be seen getting lead away by security after Chisora allegedly went for his brother.

Shouts and screams could be heard but ultimately the fighters did not come together and no tangible punches could be seen getting thrown or connecting bare knuckle on anyone in the chaotic scenes.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has now cleared up what happened to the folks at IFL YouTube:

All in all as Hearn says, it appears to have been handbags really.

But when you’re dealing with heavyweight fighters like that who have trained for as long and as hard as they have, it is best to take no chances and credit to the security for ending things as quickly as they did.