Chisora Reveals Message On Weigh-In Boxers For Dillian Whyte

hisora has message for whyte on boxers

Chisora certainly tried to up the ante today in terms of the mind games.

Upon analyzing Chisora’s career, that’s no surprise really.

He often leaves his most extreme antics for the weigh-in the day before a fight.

Today he had the following message for Whyte on his boxers:

hisora has message for whyte on boxers

Not the most subtle of messages but then again, subtly and Dereck Chisora have rarely gone hand in hand in the past.

Following the above Chisora then attempted to go after Whyte’s brother after some sort of altercation broke out backstage.

All in all, today’s antics are to be expected really.

What counts however is what happens in the ring tomorrow and based on how hard both these fighters have trained and the condition they turned up in today, expect tomorrow night to be as good if not as better as their first fight.