Chisora Has Altercation With Whyte’s Brother Backstage At Weigh-In

Chisora Has Altercation With Whyte's Brother Backstage At Weigh-In

It all kicked off a short time ago following the weigh-in between heavyweight rivals Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora.

Both men weighed in light and in career best condition.

Tensions were clearly running high and in a video released by the folks at IFL TV YouTube it appears that Chisora has actually gone after the brother of Dillian Whyte in an altercation backstage that needed security to intervene:

Crazy scenes indeed but perhaps not totally a surprise for anyone who has followed the career of ‘Del Boy’ over the years.

Chisora has been involved in a number of confrontations inside and outside the ring in his boxing career from biting, slapping, spitting and more — Chisora is no stranger to the odd brawl or two.

Tomorrow night’s fight is expected to kick off at about 10pm UK time locally, 2pm on the West coast — 5pm in the East in the States.