Exclusive: Photos of Pacquiao’s 40th Birthday Bash – A Feast Fit For A King

Photos of Pacquiao's 40th Birthday Bash - A Feast Fit For A King

CHICAGO —  In a massive show of wealth, political influence, and mass appeal, Manny Pacquiao celebrated his 40th birthday on Monday night with some 15,000 of his closest friends.

The shindig at the KCC Convention Center in General Santos, Philippines, was attended by titans of the business and entertainment industry.

Some of the pictures are available here of Manny Pacquiao’s 40th birthday bash:

Powerful politicians —senators, governors and mayors — were also on hand, including Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, whose massive security detail locked down the venue one hour before he arrived up until he left.

Some of the country’s most famous performers — Freddie Aguilar, Lyka and Momoy — entertained the revellers who dined on roasted calf, seafood, and an impressive array of the finest gastronomic Filipino delights.

The party didn’t fizzle until the small, wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Known for his boundless generosity, Pacquiao gave away four automobiles, 58 motorcyles, and 24 40-inch LED television sets.

Two lucky guests also won a cash prize raffle of P500,000 ($9,433) each, making them perhaps even happier than the birthday celebrant himself. 

But for those prone to abuse their liver, this was not the go-to party. No alcoholic beverages were served as Pacquiao, a man of deep faith, is a born-again Christian who refuses to enable drinking. 

But with so many blessings and good tidings being passed around, who needs liquid enhancement?

We know he is a Hall-of-Fame fighter, an entrepreneur, philanthropist. public servant, and doting family man. 

Last Monday night, we found out one more thing about Manny Pacquiao:

He can party like a rock star.

Photos courtesy of Wendell Rupert Alinea of MP Promotions photo caption — Family portrait shows Pacquiao with his lovely bride Jinkee, their five children and president Rodrigo Duterte.