Pacquiao and Broner while having exchanged some mild trash talk so far in the build-up to their fight on January 19th have not exactly being going at one another’s throats so to speak.

It’s more of a friendly banter kind of thing if anything.

Broner knows he’s not going to get under the skin of the happy go lucky Pacquiao and it’s never exactly being Pacquiao’s style to trash talk anyway.

Earlier this week Pacquiao celebrated his 40th birthday back home in the Philippines in some style.

Broner while speaking to EsNews YouTube sent his birthday well wishes to the PacMan with a bit of a twist at the end:

All fun and games aside, the real hard work is only just starting for both men now ahead of the holiday season as the fight is just over a month away right now.

No Christmas turkey this year for either guy one suspects.

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