Anthony Joshua Reveals Huge New Offer Tabled To Deontay Wilder For April 13th Showdown

Earlier this year Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn offered WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder a flat fee of $15 million to face him this year.

Prior to that Wilder and his team made their own offer to Joshua of $50 million to face him.

Neither offers were accepted in the end and a one hell of a lot of misinformation, conflicting reports and claims from both teams ensued for months on end thereafter.

Now Joshua has sat down with Sky Sports and revealed that they have put in an offer to Wilder to double what he has made before, obviously referring to what he made from the recent Tyson Fury fight earlier this month — which was by far the biggest fight of Wilder’s career to date.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Joshua said:

“Why not? We’ve had a lot of time. I fought in September. His fight with Fury was in December. What’s being good is I said to Eddie can you get in contact with their team, even though they’re fighting, you don’t have to get Wilder involved but just get in contact with their team so we can start looking like future events. Because booking a stadium like Wembley you can’t just do it like eight weeks or ten weeks in advance — you have to do it months in advance. So we booked the date, we booked the venue, now we just need to get down to the nitty-gritty.”

He added:

“For me it’s 100% (likely to happen on April 13th) because the venue and the date is booked and we’re looking at doubling the rewards of anything he’s ever been rewarded for in prize fighting. But it’s up to him. Lets say I’m 50% of the way there and all we need to do is for him to fill in the rest — and then we’ll get a good fight.”

Initially Wilder was offered a flat of $15 million earlier this year but the above is obviously a lot more than that now, given that Wilder’s star grew considerably in the recent fight with Tyson Fury in LA which proved to be a huge event in the sport significantly increasing the value of both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

It would be reasonable to assume the new offer is worth somewhere between $20-$25 million to Wilder.

For the full interview with Sky Sports check it out here: