While there has been a lot of baseless, negative sentiment expressed in recent years about boxing possibly getting removed as a sport from the Olympic Games entirely, this year is the first year I can recall it being looked at as a very serious reality.

We tend to cover professional boxing here at Boxing News and Views, a sport which is thriving around the world at the moment, but without amateur boxing — there is no big time boxing it should be noted.

That’s an important point to realize.

Every Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez started at grassroots level before they ever made it to the big time.

If amateur boxing were to get removed from the Olympic games while it wouldn’t eliminate amateur boxing, it would certainly do it some serious harm.

The lineal heavyweight champion of the world and in many ways the new main man in professional boxing, Tyson Fury has said the following on the subject:

No official decision has been made as of yet but stay tuned on more on this worrying situation for amateur boxing in the coming weeks.