The media and publicity war at the top of the heavyweight division is in full flow at the moment as Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury not only look to battle it out in the ring over the next year, but also to duke it out to win over public support as well.

This being due to it’s direct link to their value in negotiations with one another.

Rewind the clock earlier this year and you’d have to say Anthony Joshua was in the driver seat in terms of being the perceived A-Side in any negotiations with his two rivals.

That’s all changed now following the recent Wilder and Fury battle in LA.

They stepped up and fought. Joshua now finds himself frozen out to a degree — and he knows it.

That said, he’s still petitioning or the Deontay Wilder fight on April 13th in Wembley despite the likely scenario of a Fury and Wilder rematch happening next up.

He’s just been on ESPN and has taken shots at Fury’s lineal heavyweight title status among other comments:

The bottom line is fans want to see the best fight the best and it will be up to all three boxers to fight one another over the next year or two to prove who really is number one.