Watch: Warrington vs Frampton Full Face Off Video

Warrington vs Frampton Full Face Off Video

The Josh Warrington vs Carl Frampton face off round table video has gone live tonight courtesy of BT Sport for boxing fans online.

Ahead of the pair’s fight on December 22nd in Manchester the pair have had a sit down and gone toe to toe verbally first off.

Both men come into the fight with a lot to prove.

Champion Warrington to prove his surprise win last time out against Lee Selby wasn’t a flash in the pan and for Frampton to prove he can win a world title again — this time with new trainer Jamie Moore who’m he joined forces with over the last year.

Here’s the full video courtesy of BT Sport YouTube:

A superb fight awaits on December 22nd fight night — the same night Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte duke it out for a second time.

Hopefully the two main events will run at different times so boxing fans can get to watch both live.