Ben Davison Reacts To Freddie Roach Critique In Fury vs Wilder Fight

Ex Tyson Fury Trainer Talks Wilder vs Fury 2 and The Split With Fury

Head trainer to Tyson Fury, Ben Davison has taken the criticism from the Hall of Famer Freddie Roach in pretty good form to be fair.

Not one to bite, or to accuse Roach of trying to steal his fighter, like some have suggested he was trying to do, instead he’s laughed it off it would seem.

Speaking on Twitter today Davison said:

The Boxing world making a war zone ??— Ben Davison (@BenDavison_) December 12, 2018

The boxing world is a war zone at the best of times, certainly.

Particularly on social media. A truly warped place at times.

But like everything, it has it’s pros and cons.

From Davison’s perspective, perhaps he might even use the criticism as a constructive tool moving forward.

That said, when you analyze what Freddie was saying in that Fury was being too defensive for his liking, isn’t that Tyson’s game to an extent?

Isn’t that how he uses the gifts and boxing skills he has to maximum effect?

If he were to go more on the aggressive side of things would he be the same fighter with the style he’s developed largely in the second half of his pro career?

Time will tell what happens in the Fury corner in 2019 in terms of whether Freddie will still be in it or not.