Ultimately in life the things and people we love are fleeting.

You never quite know when it’s all going to end, unfortunately.

But, until whenever that end comes and whatever that ‘end’ means to you, whether it be the end of a fulfilling career in a particular field, moving on from a company or organization where you’ve had to say good bye to colleagues you were close to or ultimately in life, when you have to grieve for the loss of a loved one — the wheel always turns over to a new chapter as the universe continues to move forward and evolve.

The show must go on, as they say.

For boxing nuts who’ve enjoyed HBO’s frankly legendary relationship with the sport over the last 45 years the end of the pair’s long, glorious run finally came to an end this weekend.

One of the organization’s leading boxing employees over the years Jim Lampley said it best below, as the network waved goodbye to a sport that it cherished and loved for many years, providing God knows how much entertainment and moments of genuine thrill to hardcore boxing fans — as well as attracting many new fans to the sport over the years:

A remarkable speech to be fair. Hats off, Jim Lampley.

We now move forward into the technologically driven era that I predicted we would as a sport a few years back when the advent of streaming was just starting out and the move away from linear broadcasting was just getting underway.

A time that is now personified by the likes of ESPN, Showtime, Fox and DAZN from a US broadcaster / network perspective in the US.

It is imperative that while all of the above enterprising entities and individuals that lead them encompass and employ modern day technology disciplines to further grow the sport through as I like to say ‘hard work and innovation’ — that each and everyone one of them also remember the positive ideals and traditions from HBO boxing’s history in the noble art and carry the same passion for the sport forward to the next generation of millennial fight fans.

Boxing is built on a proud history more so than any other sport in humanity’s existence.

It’s like the mafia, once it gets into you there is no leaving the family.

Boxing is the ultimate drug for those who love its hard to replicate anywhere else buzz and personal satisfaction.

All in all, HBO’s run with the sport won’t be forgotten in a hurry — that’s for sure.

All the best to them.