Last Friday Floyd Mayweather formally confirmed at a press conference in Las Vegas that he will compete in a three round exhibition bout next up against a young kickboxing world champion from Japan called 
Tenshin Nasukawa.

All we know is that it will happen under boxing rules but that it will not go on Mayweather’s boxing record with news on a broadcaster to follow soon.

It appears to be an endeavour of the totally entertainment-driven and monetary genre which you can’t blame Mayweather for really.

A guy who’s just looking for another pay day.

His former friend 50 Cent isn’t letting him get off the hook with the Asian combat venture however:

The whole thing is probably a bit of a stretch though, in fairness.

Initial media numbers and interest on the story look small from an American context at this particular time, leading this writer to believe that people on the whole are fed up with these freak shows at this point unless there is at least a shred of credibility involved in them.

Boxing has moved on from this kind of thing largely. It doesn’t need it to bring in new fans to the sport.

The sport is growing organically on it’s own merit just fine at the moment without one of it’s biggest names in Mr. Mayweather doing things like the above.

That said, each to their own.

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