Ahead of his biggest fight to date next Saturday against Tyson Fury, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder’s primary motivation as always in his career is front of mind — his kids.

Wilder got into boxing originally to help support his sick daughter at the time while he was also working multiple jobs.

In a recent documentary on BT Sport the feature went back to one of the fast food outlets that Wilder worked as a customer service rep in.

The manager of the restaurant how recalled how Wilder used to work for. Fast forward a few years, how things have changed.

But his motivation remains the same as ever.

Speaking to BT Sport about what any guy will have to do to date his daughters in the future he said:

“My tradition is going to be that every guy my daughter meets that they are going to have to spar me. They are going have to at least give me three rounds of sparring. If they don’t survive that they can’t date my daughter.”

No messing around there. It would be a brave man who wants to date any of Wilder’s daughters.

He’s considered by many to be the biggest punching man on Earth today with knockout power as ferocious as perhaps that of Mike Tyson — in terms of single punch power per shot.

His fight with Tyson Fury next Saturday is not long away now and time will tell if he can land that power on the elusive lineal champion.

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