Earlier this week the two men met in person at press conferences in NY and LA and at various points Adrien Broner caused controversy with comments towards Pacquiao and indeed Freddie Roach.

Broner being Broner he was always going to have some controversial remarks to say.

One of which being how he didn’t intend to bring up Asian jokes to his Filipino boxing icon counterpart but mentioned after the fight that he would be able to be a driving instructor after he defeats him.

People didn’t really get the joke for the most part and at the time Pacquiao laughed it off.

Now on social media however he’s had a chance to respond with a joke of his own:

Of course what matters is who has the last laugh in the ring come January 19th.

Bookmakers appear to favor Pacquiao at this moment in time but it would be unwise to write off the younger Broner completely.

People seem to forget because of his antics and outside the ring activities that he’s still a four-weight world champion at the end of the day.

Mind you, Manny Pacquiao is the only eight-weight world champion in boxing history.

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