Watch: Tyson Fury Road To Redemption Documentary (Full Video)

The outstanding Tyson Fury ‘Road To Redemption’ documentary has now gone to air and being made available online below as the journey from over 160lbs in weight loss and overcoming mental health problems to challenging for the WBC heavyweight title nears its completion.

This time next week Fury will be waking up as a champion whatever happens really.

The fact he’s gotten himself fit and healthy and in a content state of mind compared to the dark suicidal days where he was before, devoid of caring about anything, is a win in itself bigger then anything.

A testament to not only himself, but the strength of the human spirit.

Comebacks like this are perhaps best personified through fighters like Fury as to ‘fight’ by definition is to overcome adversity.

But boy, did he have a lot to overcome.

A guy who had it all, lost it all and now bids to win it all back again.

A tale that involved many days where he thought about killing himself, alcoholism, drug addiction and feeling alone.

The following documentary goes through everything in a truly incredible watch showing members of his team, family and of himself opening up on everything that happened:

(Hat tip BT Sport YouTube)