Both Adrien Broner and Manny Pacquiao started their fight camps earlier this week but Broner has made time for some boxing training with his son too.

It’s always good to see the next generation of fighters no matter how young and from looking at Broner’s latest Instagram post he certainly wants his son to be a fighter:

Starting him young in the boxing game.

As for Broner, he knows serious business is at hand come January 19th with Pacquiao at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

It will mark the first time the controversial American boxer has been involved in a pay per view fight and if he were to get the win over Pacquiao it would really resurrect a career that promised so much in the beginning.

That said, he’s still a four weight world champion which shows you just how talented he is when you consider the last couple of years have been a torrid time in boxing for him.

I have a feeling a very motivated Adrien Broner will turn up against Pacquiao which should make this fight very compelling viewing for as long as it lasts.

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