What a difference a year can make if someone wants to change enough. This time next week Tyson Fury who was on the brink of complete self-destruction a little over a year ago will compete at the highest level of professional boxing.

Many have been quick to point to the Deontay Wilder fight being too soon for Fury after only two comeback fights but if anything, the speed that the whole thing has come about just adds to the size of the achievement of challenging for the WBC heavyweight title in the first place.

Depression, massive weight gain and having no boxing license has been transformed into a fighting machine that appears to be highly tuned physically and relaxed mentally according to latest reports.

The folks at BT Sport Twitter (hat tip) have brought out this short video documenting exactly how he’s overcome those obstacles in such a short time frame:

Both Wilder and Fury will now be starting to completely ease off their training with today or tomorrow their likely final hard sessions in sparring or on the pads as they prepare for fight week in LA.

The bout takes place next Saturday December 1st at the Staples Centre and will be live on Showtime pay per view in the US — as well as BT Sport pay per view in the UK and Ireland.

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