Al Haymon’s new Fox Deal appears to be kicking in already in that he plans to use it to mass market boxers to casual American sports fans as part of their usual NFL, basketball and other sports coverage through the giant network of Fox.

Indeed, Bob Arum’s Top Rank are attempting similar plays with their ESPN and over the top service deal on the ESPN+ app — as everyone in boxing at the moment continues to try to grow the sport to new levels.

The thing that I liked about the Fox deal straight away though was the cross promotion examples within NFL games and things like WWE Smackdown where fights and fighters are mentioned while sports fans are watching the previously mentioned in real time.

Sports is one of the few entertainment services left on Earth that still needs to be watched live. It’s all about the live experience whatever sport you’re into.

Errol Spence, one of the world’s leading boxers pound for pound has drawn a massive 30 million viewers for the following appearance this week at the Cowboys vs Redskins

As a local Texas resident himself the hometown advantage didn’t hurt of course but this is exactly the clever type of cross promotion that top-level boxers not only need but deserve.

Is there too many football games shown for football fans? No.

Is there too many basketball games shown for basketball fans? They’d tell you know and that they’d watch them every week all year round if they could.

Boxing is once again becoming a mainstream sport and deserves to be looked upon as an equal like any other sport.

Granted, there’s no season in boxing but at the same time, it’s year round these days — which is a fight fan’s dream scenario anyway compared to a few years ago.

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