The remarkable physical and mental transformation of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury continues as he closes in on his challenge for the WBC heavyweight title.

It’s hard to believe that Fury could now have lost potentially close to 168lbs in weight in the last year or so.

An entire super-middleweight.

Think about it, he’s literally lost a Carl Froch or an Andre Ward in his own body weight.

But he’s also done so in a steady process over a long period of time to ensure his speed, power, muscle density and explosiveness was not lost.

This latest picture shows just one week out from his fight with Deontay Wilder that he’s coming in-built for speed:

He’ll need to be too as Wilder represents the quickest and most powerful fighter he’s ever been in there with.

Just one big right hand landed could end things for Fury, so he’ll have to be at his most razor-sharp to date.

People have been commenting in their droves on the above:

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