CHICAGO — It was one of those days in Los Angles, a place of heaven on Earth where the sun rises with a glorious smile and life is so beautifully laid-back. On a windswept early Wednesday morning Manny Pacquiao was soaking it all up.

After a hectic few days in which he flew from the Philippines to New York to California for his press tour hyping his upcoming WBA title defense, Pacquiao was finally done, free as a bird and unburdened by media responsibilities and other fight-promoting obligations.

Eat. Love. Pray.

That’s what most people do to shed life’s never-ending stress.

For Pacquiao, though, it’s run Manny, run!

(Photos credit: Aquiles Zonio)

Exclusive Photos: Manny Pacquiao Starts Early Training Camp In LA For BronerExclusive Photos: Manny Pacquiao Starts Early Training Camp In LA For Broner

And ran he did at the Pan Pacific Park Recreation Center along 7600 Beverly Boulevard.

Tagging along his usual entourage of bodyguards and hangers-on, the sitting Senator from the Philippines looked dignified in a grey ‘PacMan’ hoodie with matching bright red shorts.

He wore Nike gloves to warm his treasured hands, covered his head with a light grey skull-cap and listened to his play list on a giant headphone.

Innocent bystanders who were at the park relished the sight like kids at a candy store.

Manny was supposed to run again today but rain, or liquid sunshine as they call it there in Hollywood, interfered.

No word if Broner jogged yesterday or today.

All we know is that Pacquiao is taking this fight seriously.

January is a short few weeks away and the Filipino champ is already up to task.

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