This time in nine weeks Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner will have done battle in Las Vegas with both men to formally begin their press tour tomorrow to begin the promotion.

It will be a two city tour in New York and LA and after that the hard graft will come for both guys right the way through the holiday season this year.

Broner went back training alongside Gervonta Davis earlier this week on his strength and conditioning but in his latest video fans are all commenting about how heavy Broner looks ahead of the 147lbs fight with Pacquiao on January 19th:

It’s important to note however that Broner has never been a natural welterweight and if he really is around the 175lbs just nine weeks out going off the above, he still has plenty of time to make 147lbs.

Pacquiao for his part rarely cuts weight and usually comes in a couple of pounds or so under the welterweight limit.