Scottish boxing hero Ricky Burns continues to bounce back and defy age and odds despite having already done it all in boxing and being in many wars. This stoppage of Scott Cardle this weekend tells you everything you need to know about the man.

Most fighters would have surely packed it in by now after a career like Burns has had.

Both inside and outside the ring, he’s had to overcome more than most and still seems to be the very same down to Earth guy he was before he became a three-weight world champion.

Something that many people seem to forget he is, in fact.

Fighting Scott Cardle last night on the Bellew vs Usyk card in Manchester Burns pulled out this textbook right hand over the shoulder, straight down the middle:

A beautiful shot that ensures that Burns is back in the mix at lightweight.

At 35, he’s clearly not done yet and is also intent on being in some more big fights before he finishes his career.