Floyd Mayweather after announcing he would be fighting a kick boxer only last Monday quickly backtracked from the move yesterday saying he was blindsided by the event’s organizers in Japan.

Nobody can begrudge any boxer from making large sums of money.

They deserve every penny of it – it really is one of the hardest ways to make a living or become successful on this Earth.

Furthermore, even though freak shows like Mayweather against a kick boxer while they might tarnish (slightly) the credibility of boxing, events like that make up for them in their own way in that they draw new eyeballs to the sweet science who might not have watched before.

But, that all being said, this Mayweather announcement for a New Year’s eve fight wasn’t even confirmed as a boxing match in the first place and the sheer misinformation surrounding the whole sequence of events has left a very bad taste indeed.

Floyd Mayweather’s team gave their explanation here. However, boxing fans are not buying it: