The AT & T Events Centre in Texas for a March 16th fight between Garcia and Errol Spence had been widely reported this week as a done deal. Contrary to the reports however, Garcia has reacted and responded personally to what is really going on.

While the fight is almost done, contrary to different reports – it is not done just yet.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mikey Garcia said:

“It’s interesting that some of the people I have talked to, some said yeah we’ve got this we’ve got this, what is it, March 16th it’s a done deal. When was the last offer they presented us – so is that they’re final offer? So we’re still working on it you know. We’ve still got February, we’re working on dates for February and March. So there’s still a little work. But it’s just funny that people will run with the first thing they hear.”

He added:

“Look, I know it started going out there that it is official but we are still in discussions, we are still talking. Dates have been floating around, venues have been floating around.”

He continued to say:

“I’ll tell you here from me, don’t believe anything.”

There you have it, although close, it’s not done just yet.

What a fight in store though.

Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence Jr, the stuff of boxing fans’ dreams.

A super, super fight.