Newly crowned world champion Nonito Donaire’s father-in-law has ended up in one of the most disgraceful situations this writer can think of for some time regarding the bookies.

Bookies can be unscrupulous at the best of times. Anybody who knows anything about business in Ireland or the UK will tell you that.

In fact, same goes for Vegas.

But, this has to be on of the biggest PR disasters facing a bookmaking company in sometime. At least that I can think of.

The following is the story recounted and alleged in his own words on Facebook of Nonito Donaire’s father-in-law’s situation at the moment following his son-in-law’s win against Ryan Burnett this past weekend in Glasgow, Scotland:

“November 03, 2018 was the happiest day celebrating 61 years of my life. It started with a pre fight celebration of my birthday, the double win of my son-in-law Nonito Donaire, and the post fight after party celebration of both the win and also my birthday. This joyful celebration was muddied by Scotland ‘s Betfred betting post who does not want to pay out my winning wager. As usual, I would wager on my son-in-law, more so because I used my lucky birthday money, I surmised that even thought Nonito is the underdog, he has a strong chance of a knockout or a win due to his strong punching power. Thus a bet for a win and a separate bet for win with knockout. Betfred willingly accepted the bet since I am betting on the underdog. After the win, the following day I tried to collect but was told they were low on cash and I need to return the following day. Unable to return because of my flight, I gave my winning ticket to my daughter to claim. For numerous days, different reasoning was given to her by Betfred for not being able to pay out. Lastly Betfred tried to challenge her mentally thinking she had lack of education of the rules governed by BBBofC and saying that because I’m family, I could be putting Nonito’s boxing license in jeopardy. They must not know my daughter very well and am sure she gave them an earful. She noted in addition to that, kept using the reasoning that she is “American” she doesn’t understand, whereas she started to cite BBBofC regulations and even had the number in which it stated the rule of the member not being able to place bets (meaning Nonito himself of course cannot bet on himself) but did not affect me of course because I’m not stepping into the ring. It is funny that they say this since adjacent to their store front, another betting establishment took partial of our bet and immediately paid when asked. This is illegal and them trying to bully us around and discriminate against us just because we are American. It’s not right. And let’s just put it this way, if I lost my bet, could I have gone back in and said I wanted my money back because I’m his father in law? No of course not.”

Here is some more of the reaction from notable members of the boxing world on Twitter: