Heavyweight title challenger Tyson Fury has admitted that the folks at Wikipedia did ban him from the site after some shenanigans he got up to on there before.

Tyson Fury is known for his fun and games in the media but it appears in the internet world behind the scenes he’s also been up to a bit of mischief too.

Speaking to BT Sport, Fury said he did change former heavyweight champion¬†Wladimir Klitshko’s Wikipedia profile in the past:

“Yes it’s true, until I got banned from Wikipedia. It’s a public site and I just wanted to prove that anybody can write anything that they want on Wikipedia because it’s public. So if you wanted to go on there and edit my profile you can. (Have I ever) edited my profile? No. I’ve not edited on mine but I’ll tell ya what happens is because I’m the lineal champion someone keeps going on and putting me as retired. I keep putting it back to active. Every time I keep changing it to active someone keeps changing it back to retired. So someone clearly wants me retired. It is what it is.”

Fury challenges Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight title on December 1st in LA.

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