It is said that the greatest challenge in all of our lives at some point or another comes from within. To truly understand one’s self is to understand life in many ways. In the end, the race is long, but it’s just with ourselves. Boxer Tyson Fury’s podcast with Joe Rogan continues to go viral around the world and resonate with people far and wide for reasons pertaining to the above.

I guess everyone loves a rags to riches story. They’re pretty cool, in fairness.

But to paraphrase Joe Rogan, perhaps even more inspiring stories are the ones where someone works for and has it all, f**** it all up and then gets it back together again.


Life doesn’t work like that typically. Those kind of people are really, really rare.

But, that’s exactly what Tyson Fury is attempting to do at the moment.

After becoming heavyweight champion of the world and dethroning long time champion Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015 it appeared Fury had it all.

Fame, fortune, a loving family, young and was at the top of his profession.

But, like many special athletes, businessmen and people before him, it wasn’t enough.

After battling for years after with incredible weight gain, substance abuse, depression and an attempted suicide, Fury has miraculously shed over 160lbs and this podcast with Joe Rogan a few days ago is quickly making him become a people’s champion after millions of people around the world battling mental health challenges now look to him as their beacon of shining hope:

A light for them, that may or may not win on December 1st against WBC champion Deontay Wilder but make no mistake, Wilder and indeed the rest of the heavyweight division know Fury will be a hard man to beat from here on out.

When staring death itself in the face fighting another man pales in comparison.

When you look up in the dictionary what it means to ‘fight’ in any walk of life, invariably one will see it means to overcome difficulty or adversity.

Fury’s come through the worst of that in his life now – but the second half of his boxing career is only just beginning.

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