Khan vs Brook appears to be close but as of yet, no cigar in terms of a fight announcement. The chairman of the promotional company of the two fighters is as cheesed off as most fans it appears.

Barry Hearn, the renowned English sports entrepreneur doesn’t do as much deals in boxing as he used to with his son Eddie Hearn now heading the boxing side of things for their promotional company Matchroom, but Hearn senior does every now and then still lend his opinion on all things the sweet science.

Speaking to IFL TV after the Ted Cheeseman fight this past weekend in the UK, Barry Hearn was candid on what both Amir Khan and Kell Brook need to do to sign the fight:

“I think the two of them should have their heads smacked together and just do this deal. Don’t let this be the one that got away. Don’t let this be the fight that you should have made when you are sitting in retirement. Now is the time to do it.”

He added:

“I think Amir has got the advantage, he’s got the weight division he wants and that should be enough (to make this Brook fight). I think we need to be reasonable and exercise some common sense.”

Lets hope common sense prevails and this fight gets made at long last next year.

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