Oscar De La Hoya knows a thing or two about Manny Pacquiao having shared the ring with him before and has now weighed-in with his thoughts on PacMan’s upcoming fight against Adrien Broner.

The fight is expected to be formally announced soon for this coming January in the United States with Las Vegas the current leading location thought to be in the running to stage the bout.

Pacquiao is currently understood to be settling a tax bill with the US firstly however. One worth more than $10 million dollars before he can fight in the US again.

Years ago at this stage, when Pacquiao first went on that mad run through the likes of Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton and more, his first huge breakout win in the US in terms of beating a big pay per view star was Oscar De La Hoya.

He stopped De La Hoya on the night in a fight that really announced Pacquiao as a global star in boxing.

Years on, De La Hoya thinks Pacquiao should be trying to end his career with bigger fights than Adrien Broner though:

Speaking to Fight Hub, De La Hoya said:

“I don’t like it for Manny. At this point of his career Manny should be fighting bigger names than that. Obviously. Well, Manny at this point of his career, at this stage of his career, at this age of his career, Manny should go out fighting whoever he wants to fight. He deserves it.”

On who he thinks wins, he added:

“I think Broner beats him. Absolutely. Yeah. Broner is younger. I think he’s hungrier. I think his reflexes are better. It should be a good fight.”

The bout between Broner and Pacquiao is expected to take place at welterweight.

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