It was officially confirmed this weekend that former IBF welterweight world champion Kell Brook will return to the ring on December 8th but unfortunately, it won’t be against rival Amir Khan just yet.

Many thought that the Khan vs Brook fight after all these years was finally about to happen as the two now fight on the same platforms and share the same promoter but alas, fans will have to wait a little longer just yet.

Brook’s fight will be in his hometown of Sheffield on December 8th against an opponent to be confirmed.

Moreover, he has now come out swinging on Twitter this morning against Khan for not taking the fight on the date with the following:

One would imagine that the fight will definitely happen in the new year at some point. It’s too big a fight in the UK and indeed in world boxing at this stage, not to happen.

It is thought that the weight re-hydration clause and money demands are still what is holding up an agreement in negotiations.

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