Boxer Floyd Mayweather and powerful adviser and manager Al Haymon have long been a powerful duo in the sport of boxing and now, pretty much for the first time, Floyd has opened up on how close he and Haymon are and how he views him as family.

The Premier Boxing Champions series and Haymon Boxer Management are two separate entities both controlled by Haymon.

As is Mayweather Promotions controlled by founder Floyd Mayweather a separate entity.

But due to how close Mayweather and Haymon have become over the years people in boxing more and more continue to link all three with one another due to the closeness of which Mayweather and Haymon operate.

Also in many cases having the same television network partners over the years.

Speaking to TMZ Mayweather said on the upcoming Pacquiao vs Broner fight in January:

“Well actually I don’t give a f*** what Manny Pacquiao is doing. What I have been working on is communicating with Al Haymon. Me and Al Haymon have been communicating. We’ve been talking and trying to come up with the best solution for all the fighters that are under our umbrella. So Pacquiao is now under our umbrella. The Mayweather and Haymon umbrella. I like to say that we’re one. That me and Al Haymon are one. He’s been like a father to me as far as in the business world. I have two fathers. One who taught me the fight game (Floyd senior) and one who taught me business on the outside (Al Haymon).”

He added:

“I think the best fight for Pacquiao – I told Al Haymon – that the best fight for Pacquiao is probably the Adrien Broner fight.”

Haymon has long being a mysterious figure in the sport with Top Rank’s Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum recently joking about his even existence or whether he was a fictional character.

He’s definitely a real person but just chooses not to do media or interviews which at the end of the day is anybody’s right to do.

If someone chooses to do that you just have to respect it.

Maybe one day Haymon will appear on camera in an interview but don’t expect it anytime soon.

As for Mayweather, the above illustrates more than anything just how influential he really is in the world of boxing outside of his own fighting.

A fighter and businessman combination if ever there was one you’d have to say.

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