Paulie Malignaggi On Why Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 Makes More Sense Than Mayweather vs Canelo 2

Former world champ turned pundit Paulie Malignaggi has weighed in on the whole Mayweather coming out of retirement reports for a Pacquiao rematch and now more recently – a possible Canelo rematch.

The Canelo rematch always seemed a bit of a stretch when you look at the calculated risks Floyd has taken in his career overall.

Canelo is in his prime now, coming off the back of beating Golovkin and is now, at least for the time being, fighting at 168lbs.

Mayweather has never fought above 154lbs.

Indeed, Malignaggi also believes the fight simply isn’t going to happen at this point in time.

Speaking to Fight Hype he said:

“I don’t think that fight happens. Right now Canelo (beats Mayweather). That’s why he (Mayweather) won’t fight him. These are ridiculous questions and ridiculous fights that are not supposed to happen. You’re not supposed to have Mayweather come out of retirement and fight Canelo right now. It’s common sense what the result would be.”

On the Pacquiao fight though, Malignaggi enthused:

“Yeah of course but fighting mixed martial artists or Pacquiao who is his (Mayweather’s) age bracket is different. You take calculated risks when you’re older. You can entertain (certain fights) but at the same time you know what you’re stepping into. You’re not stepping into total quick sand either (with a Pacquiao rematch). There’s also the weight at super-middleweight (for a Canelo rematch) so it’s totally irrelevant.”

He added:

“It’s possible (Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 happens). I don’t see why they would say no to that — I think it will have enough interest. Lets see how Pacquiao looks against Broner first because that’s the key thing.”

It would appear the next move as regards all of this is Floyd Mayweather’s.

Over to you Floyd.

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