Female boxing sensation Katie Taylor has a movie coming out in a week’s time after her fight this weekend in Boston and my word, the trailer below is something else.

Taylor is an Olympic and professional boxing world champion and has always prided herself on humility, work ethic and her devout faith throughout her time in the sport and in life.

Unlike most, she never has a bad word to say about anyone. It’s hard not to like her in fairness.

But beneath the calm and played down exterior a lot of stuff has gone on behind the scenes in recent years which now, for the first time, she has gone on camera talking about.

Taylor and her dad Peter were long time trainer and fighter duo until a fall out happened which led to her surprise defeat in the Olympics and subsequent turning professional thereafter.

Both Taylor and members of her family speak about it here in this stunning new movie trailer:

Even for non boxing fans, this looks like an incredible watch coming out in its full form next Friday.

Some have already called it like watching a real life ‘Million Dollar Baby’ movie.

Well, her career is not over by any means just yet.

This weekend fighting live on DAZN in the US and on Sky Sports in the UK she takes on Cindy Serrano from the TD Garden in Boston.

Taylor will defend her IBF and WBA world lightweight titles. She currently holds a professional boxing record of 10-0-5KO at this particular time.

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